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At J Taylor Ecology Consulting we can design and implement complete mitigation strategies that enable your project to proceed. Initially we always look to find solutions that avoid the need to mitigate, primarily by examining the project proposals carefully to make sure that all options to avoid the need to implement mitigation have been examined. If this is not possible and some impact is inevitable, we will look to minimise that impact as much as possible. It is only when both these avenues have been explored that we will propose implementing a mitigation strategy.

Mitigation can range from the simple addition of bird boxes or artificial bat roosts, to complex planting or species translocations schemes. We have experience of carrying out mitigation work for most species, including bats, water vole, reptiles and great crested newts. Our Survey and Mitigation Calendar gives you an idea when mitigation for different protected species can occur. For information on species specific mitigation please click here then select the species.

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We are experts in species translocation and have considerable experience of delivering practical solutions on the ground. We offer a complete translocation service including installing all type of wildlife fencing, species capture, destructive and supervised searches and receptor site enhancement and management plans. We use specialist trusted contractors to undertake all groundwork, and all work is carried out under the supervision of a qualified ecologist.

Habitat Creation

Very often it is inevitable that some loss of wildlife habitat can occur as part of a proposed development. Planning conditions can require that new or replacement areas of habitat are created to offset this loss. This is especially the case when protected species or habitat is involved. We can design and create these areas quickly and cost effectively. Where required or as part of a mitigation strategy we can also prepare planting schedules and management plans.

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