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Our work

J Taylor Ecology Consulting has successfully completed numerous ecological projects throughout the UK. Our professional reputation with statutory agencies means that we are able to negotiate effectively between clients and regulators. We have considerable experience in a wide variety of sectors and have the ability to undertake most ecological work through our network of ecological consultants. See some of our more recent projects below.

Recent Projects

September 2017

Rex Cinema - Bethnal Green, London.

J Taylor Ecology Consulting were commissioned by London property developers Southern Grove in a Joint Venture with London Standard, to assess the potential for bats to be using the former Rex Cinema in Bethnal Green. The Joint Venture was in the process of securing planning permission to regenerate the site to create a prestigious art deco design-led hotel and an independent, single screen, restaurant cinema.

We were brought in to survey the complex building for the potential presence of bats. We then worked with the Tower Hamlets Ecologist to develop a pragmatic and appropriate survey methodology that allowed the planning application to proceed. Work on the refurbishment of the site now underway, with the new hotel and cinema due to open in 2020.

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New Rex Cinema and Hotel Bethnal Green.

December 2016 to June 2017

Two Replacement Dwellings, Whitchurch, Hampshire.

Commissioned by Mathewson Waters Architects on behalf of their client, this project started with the production of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal of the site, which identified the presence of bats in the roof space of the building, and records of dormice using the nearby hedgerows.

J Taylor Ecology were then commissioned to undertake a series of bat dusk emergence and re-entry surveys, which identified a small number common pipistrelle bat roosts. Comprehensive mitigation was then devised, to protect the bats and provide replacement roosts within the design of the new building. These were designed to be integral with the external fabric of the building, to minimse the visual impact and make installation as easy as possible.

To address the potential for dormice to be present in the hedgerows, a Mitigation and Protection Plan was produced, avoiding the need for a specific dormice survey, saving time and cost.

Our approach to this project and our reports were well received by the Ecologists at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, with planning permission granted for the site in October 2017.

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February 2016

New 15 Dwelling Residential Development, Newbury.

Following the completion of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, J Taylor Ecology were commissioned to monitor a large badger sett which was located within the proposed development area, to conduct a reptile survey of the site, and to undertake a great crested newt survey on a nearby pond, where great crested newts had been reported.

The monitoring of the badger sett allowed for the level of use to be established, so that a mitigation strategy could be developed, causing minimum impact on the development propoals.

The reptile survey of the site identified the presence of slow worms, along with a small number of grass snakes. As a result, a methodology was devised to translocate the reptiles to a newly created reptile receptor area on part of the required open space within the development layout. No great crested newts were identified in the nearby pond, and hence we were able to demonstrate that there would be no impact. The resulting reports were submitted to West Berkshire Council, with planning permission susequently granted by the planning committee.

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Proposed development site

New housing development.