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Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

This is the standard method for assessing and documenting the ecological interest of a development site and is commonly requested to be submitted along with a planning application. This survey includes a full ecological desk study, the production of a Phase 1 Plan and a comprehensive report. The survey method is based on the former Nature Conservancy Council (NCC) Phase 1 Habitat Survey methodology. In this, the main habitat types present within the survey area are mapped using standard codes. The habitats on site are then classified and their relative ecological value indicated. The additional (extended) work relates to the assessment of the suitability of habitats present to support protected species, as well as searching for the more obvious signs of such species. The presence or potential presence of protected species is identified and the report details measures that should be implemented to mitigate or compensate the effects of the proposed development. The survey can generally be undertaken at any time of the year with the optimum time between March and September.

Please contact us for a competitive quote for your project. We can usually deliver these reports in less than 10 working days, depending on the availability of data from Local Biological Records Centre.

Vegetation Surveys

Alien Invasive and Nuisance Weed Species Surveys

We are able to undertake comprehensive surveys and assessments for Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam and all Wildlife and Countryside Act Schedule 9 species and injurious weeds classified in the Weeds Act 1959. We can also prepare Management Plans for submission to the Environment Agency where required.

Hedgerow Surveys

These are often needed to support applications for Hedgerow Removal Consent under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997.

We have considerable experience of Hedgerow Surveys and in some cases it is not necessary to submit an application. Please contact us for more information.


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