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Protected Species Surveys

Where identified following a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, or where requested by the Planning Authority, we can undertake a comprehensive protected species survey for the species below. Find out when is the best time to undertake your protected species survey by looking at our at our Survey and Mitigation Calendar.


We have significant experience of undertaking badger surveys, including sett closure under licence from Natural England. Find out more »



We have considerable experience of undertaking repitile surveys, on both smaller and larger sites. Find out more »

Grass snake


Our qualified ecologists can undertake a wide range of bat surveys.. We are able to offer very competitive fixed price surveys. Find out more »

Bat in flight

Great Crested Newt

We are fully licenced to undertake great crested newt surveys and are able to offer initial scoping and habitat suitability index surveys at very competitive fees. Find out more »

Great crested newt

Water Vole

We are highly experienced at carrying out both water vole and otter surveys, having carried out a significant number of projects for a variety of clients. Find out more »

Water vole

Invertebrate Surveys

Many invertebrate species are protected through the planning system. We have particular expertise in stab beetle appraisals and surveys. Find out more »

Stag beetle

Bird Surveys

We can provide a wide range of bird surveys, particularly breeding and nesting bird surveys prior to vegetation clearance. Find out more »

Nesting bird
Please contact us for a competitive quote for your project. If needed we can also develop and design mitigation measures for protected species, in order to lessen or eliminate any potential impact arising from your development. Find our more about our mitigation services.

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