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Ecological Appraisal

An Ecological Appraisal is one the most common surveys and is a preliminary assessment of likely impacts of the proposed work or development project on any ecological features that may be present on the site. This comprises of a basic desk study to identify legally protected sites or previous records of protected species in the vicinity of the site, followed by a field survey, consisting of an assessment of the habitat types present and a thorough scoping survey of the site and surrounding area for all main legally protected species.

The results of the field survey are then be combined with the desk study findings to evaluate the impact of the proposals on the ecological value of the site. A concise report is produced that documents the assessment and identifies the likely absence or potential presence of any protected species in the area and evaluates the potential impact of the propsoals. The report also includes recommendations for any further detailed investigation or avoidance/ mitigation options that may be required.

This survey is ideal where a full scoping assessment is needed prior to land purchase or site selection, and for more straightforward subject to a forthcoming planning application.

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